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Mario Barrett - Ooh Baby Hot Lyrics N Video

Verse 1:
hold on
don’t say nothing I just wanna make sure that your eyes are working
and what goes on here
only concerns the two of us
cause it’s only the two of us
and I feel like it’s ’bout time for me to show you all girl
all the freaky things that I’m thinking baby

your clothes are all off
and my bed is right there
besides your high heels all you’re wearing is your hair
and I could break it down for you if you not scared
like oh, oh, oh baby
pleasure principle can you work it in the chair
and I can get you right
with your legs up in the air
now I could break it down for you if you not scared
like oh, oh, oh baby

Verse 2:
it’s been so long
since somebody put it on ya like I’m ’bout to put it on ya
but let’s make one thing clear
the things I’m ’bout to show you I already know you gon’ love
and it’s gonna be so fine for me to break you off girl
because I know just what your body needs baby

(Repeat Hook)

I wanna hear your body say my name, say my name
and you gon’ be so happy that you came to get it baby
so gon’ get outta them clothes go head and (go down….??)
I’m dedicated to pleasing you
I know you’re ready baby

(Repeat Hook)

Mario Barrett - Ooh Baby Music Hot Lyrics N Video


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