* Artist : Trey Songz
* Song : Alone
* Album : Passion, Pain & Pleasure

Watch Trey Songz - Alone Music Hot Lyrics N Video

Trey Songz Alone Hot Lyrics N Video

Shawty we been sippin on bub
And I done had enough
Let's get up out this club
Cuz I'm tryna get you
Alone alone alone
You alone alone alone
Shawty we been flirtin all night
And once we outside
Can I offer you a ride?
Cuz I'm tryna get you
Alone alone alone
You alone alone alone

Twinkle twinkle little star
Over there standing by the bar
Would you mind if I came 2 where you are?
Where you are?
When I look in you're eyes girl you're tellin me yes
And when I look at the way you're booty poke outta that dress
Nah nah girl don't try to hide it
I'm on my way over there stand right beside it
I wanna kno how you doin
What's ya name
Girl this chemistry we share is so insane
Girl you kno wats happenin
Me and you just laughing
Plus my phone done died so put you're number on this napkin


Beautiful, Gorgeous,
I aint tryna buy you're time I can't afford it
Wat I'm tryna do is paint a pretty portrait

Me and you a chariot ride with horses
I done came a long way
From white tees and forces
And as a man I understand we can't force it
But if I walk you outside where the porche is
I'm tryna take you back home to my fortress
Woman take my hand
Tell me wats you're name
Girl this chemistry we share is off the chain
Tell me wat you think
You and I been laughing
Baby girl I'm asking
For a night of passion


All I'm thinkin
How can we get
Alone alone alone
(Just you and me baby)
Alone alone alone
(Just you and I)
And once I get you imma kiss you
Imma touch you cuz you're softer than some tissue when you leave me ima miss you
Gotta get you alone
Alone alone alone


I hope you're cool with that
Just you and I girl.


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