Juzz Music Artist : Drake feat. Drama B
Juzz Music Song : Light Up

Drake feat. Drama B - Light Up Hot Lyrics N Video

Mp3 Drake feat. Drama B - Light Up Hot Lyrics N Video

Light Up Lyrics by Drake feat. Drama B Hot Lyrics N Video

I been up makin music that goove too
I take the old school and try to mix it with the new school
Its kinda hard tho its different music u tune in to
Welcome to the fast life hope its not too fast for you

Its Been A Long Road Coming Too Much Traffic
Fake Niggas And Fake Chicks Was Born Acting
And Even When The Cam Is Off The Press Is Still Flashin
Story OF Ya Life Gotta Nigga Spazzin

Out Now They Wanna Stay up In The Buisness
And I Aint even Famous Yet And Nigga Boot lickin
Saying they ya biggest fans what a trip
But I ignore it im tired of hearin the same shit

i stick with the same crew I started wit
a story line these hatters sketching out the same skit
I Feel empowered with this skill that I obtained
Rest In Peace To Mj wat u see is what u get this is it

This Is Me But I don't take Judgin To Kind
If U Do Judge Read Between These 3 Lines
From Index to middle to ring finger
2 fa the fans one for the hatters

I Aim Greater but my style is in the same layer
That it was in before lyrics stay hardcore
All I Do Is Party Now Where The Drinks And Cups
And When The Night Fall I Make This Bitch Lite up

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